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Among the three main types of CBD, are full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and one called CBD isolate. Here we’ll explore what is isolate CBD, how it’s made, and the ways this pure CBD can enhance your health and well-being.

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Although cannabidiol doesn’t result in an intoxicating high, consumers are now striving to find products with the highest CBD concentrations. CBD isolate is the ‘gold standard’ if you want an incredibly high percentage of the cannabinoid. In this guide, we check out the best CBD isolate brands, and provide more information on this form of cannabidiol.

#1 Nordic CBD


Le nostre capsule softgel liposomiali di CBD con olio di semi di cumino nero, sono un prodotto esclusivo Nordic Oil, realizzato con una formula che potenzia l’effetto del CBD.

#2 Nordic CBG

Tisanapa Menta e Limone

Il CBD utilizzato nei nostri prodotti è ottenuto da piante di canapa certificate. Le nostre capsule di CBD sono senza glutine e prive di conservanti artificiali o coloranti.

#3 Canapuglia CBD


Le nostre capsule CBD e melatonina sono ora disponibili in capsule! Grazie ad un’innovativa formula liposomiale, la biodisponibilità del CBD è triplicata, rendendo in questo modo più efficace il CBD.

What Are Cristalli CBD

Cos'è La Tisana CBD

First, we must ask, what is CBD isolate made from? CBD Isolate is extracted from the cannabis plant and then put through multiple refining processes, eventually producing a powder (or crystalline solid) that is 99% pure CBD.

Since CBD isolate is so refined it contains zero THC, ideal if you are only interested in only the purest form of CBD. However, this also means it lacks the other cannabinoids and terpenes found in full-spectrum CBD.  By using the whole plant, the additional beneficial compounds work together to create a reaction known as the entourage effect, essentially enhancing CBD’s interaction with our brain receptors. It’s impossible to remove THC completely from full-spectrum CBD as the cannabinoid is needed for this full effect, although it’s usually less than .3% THC.

This doesn’t mean CBD isolate is not beneficial on its own, a large portion of what differentiates various CBD products from each other has to do with the way they are processed. These chemical conversions can truly impact just how effective the final version will be.

Using one of several CBD extraction methods, industry experts will start with a cannabis strain that’s rich in CBD and essentially break it down to separate out the THC and other compounds that may cause psychoactive effects.

In all, the process of converting a cannabis plant into CBD isolate is highly complex and can be rather dangerous if proper methods aren’t utilized. While it might be tempting to experiment on your own and try to make CBD isolate at home, it’s recommended that you leave it to the professionals and purchase it instead.

How Do I Use CBD Isolate?

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At first glance, you probably don’t think there is much one can do with CBD isolate. After all, it is a flavorless powder. Yet it is a remarkably versatile substance. As a powder, you can place it beneath your tongue to consume it sublingually. As a crystal, it is often added to CBD vape juice to increase the concentration of cannabidiol. Then, it is safe to vape it without clogging your vaping device.

There are plenty of other great isolate CBD consumption ideas. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Infuse Your Coffee or Tea: Assuming you use high-quality CBD isolate, it mixes easily with hot drinks. You won’t even know it’s there! Treat yourself by creating a lavish latte laden with CBD and extra cream!
  • Add to Meals: You can stir the powder into soups, sauces, or stir-fries. Most experts believe cannabidiol’s boiling point is between 320- and 356-degrees Fahrenheit. Keep it below 320 degrees when cooking to stay on the safe side.
  • Spruce up a Smoothie: If you want to blend fruits for a healthy smoothie, add some isolate to the mix. You can also sprinkle some into your juice, stir, and enjoy.
  • CBD Syrup: Create a fast DIY syrup by adding isolate to the honey or syrup you add to your oatmeal or pancakes.
  • Enhanced Topicals: You can even add some of the powder to an existing CBD salve to ensure even more of the cannabinoids are absorbed into the skin.

The combination of value and concentration means this form of CBD is a winner.

What are CBD Isolates Used For?

Tisana CBD Controindicazioni

CBD isolate is odorless and tasteless, making it easy to integrate into your routine in any appealing way. There are so many potential benefits to using CBD isolate powder, including relief from pain, anxiety, and other types of discomfort. And since it’s such a versatile powder, there are many ways to use it.

If you’re short on time or simply not feeling very creative, you can easily place some powder under your tongue for about 60 seconds and let it dissolve. Since there’s no flavor associated with it, you likely won’t be opposed to this method. Blending CBD isolate powder into your favorite beverages is also an easy option, as it can be incorporated into your morning coffee, tea, or blended into a superfood smoothie.

Those who are a bit more creative in the kitchen can make their own CBD-infused sweetener by heating up honey or agave and mixing in the powder until completely blended. This opens up your options, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of CBD while eating toast, using it in your favorite recipes, or even just consuming a spoonful of it in the morning. Blending CBD isolate powder with a carrier oil, like coconut oil, allows you to use it in a topical delivery method, offering the ability to rub it on aching muscles or painful joints.

You can even use the isolate to make your own CBD vape juice, and individuals who aren’t opposed to having some THC in their system may also choose to sprinkle CBD isolate powder on their joint before lighting up. The combination of THC and CBD is often preferred by those who won’t be subject to drug tests, making this product one that can enhance your normal cannabis routine.

What are the Benefits of CBD Isolate

I Benefici Della Tisana CBD

While the Food and Drug Administration has yet to release a statement confirming that CBD offers medical benefits, testimonials pour in left and right endorsing this cannabis-derived compound. Short for cannabidiol, CBD is a part of the cannabis plant that does not contain any psychoactive effects whatsoever – meaning unlike THC, CBD won’t get you high. But that doesn’t mean it’s not without benefits!

Many people who use CBD regularly describe how it can help to ease anxiety and depression, reduce headaches, or offer relief from cramps, and some medical professionals point to using this compound for even more complex issues. Soothing the symptoms associated with Crohn’s disease, helping with opioid withdrawal, and even treating epilepsy are all medical concerns that may benefit from CBD use.

Although CBD oil is one of the most common methods of consumption, there are many other options when it comes to CBD including topicals, vapes, edibles, and crystals or powders (also known as isolates). Please note that hemp oil (hemp-derived) products and CBD (cannabis-derived) are not the same, although they may sometimes be used interchangeably.

Consider What CBD Isolate Can Do

Cosa Cercare Per L’Acquisto Del Tè CBD Online

While CBD isolate powder is one of the purest and most versatile CBD products on the market, it’s just one of the many options that allows you to take advantage of this naturally derived item. From edibles and topicals to tinctures and more, cannabidiol is disrupting niches formally dominated by over the counter drugs and in some cases, even pharmaceuticals. Some people say they prefer CBD because they can experience the same relief without the price tag or side-effects of conventional medicine. Who knows, before long we could see CBD isolate powder on grocery store shelves.

Pensiero Finale

We hope that this guide helps you find the best CBD isolate for your needs. In truth, there are several high-quality brands, which made the process of finding the cream of the crop exceedingly tricky. For the most part, you will do well by focusing on brands that can provide third-party lab reports. This documentation helps you see clear evidence that the product is a true isolate and not filled with other ingredients you don’t want.

It is also advisable to stick with well-established brands in the CBD niche. There are some excellent newcomers, but ‘old hands’ have a long history of satisfying their customers. CBDistillery certainly falls into this category. The Colorado-based brand has dozens of employees and is a significant part of the CBD Movement. It has sold its isolate for a long time, and it remains one of the company’s best-selling products.

Domande Frequenti

How do I make CBD Isolate?

The multistep process starts with the selection of a cannabis flower that is high in CBD. The CBD oil needs to be extracted, this can be done through a CO2 extraction method or with the use of solvents – if you’re attempting this at home you’ll probably want to use solvents as CO2 extraction can be dangerous. Next, the extract will need to be “winterized” a process where you soak the CBD extract in alcohol and then freeze it to remove all remaining waxes, or any other remaining impurities or byproduct. The next step is distillation, this will require a distillation kit and some basic chemistry knowledge.

How do I make vape juice from CBD isolate?

Making vape juice is a relatively simple process and requires only four ingredients:  vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, vape flavoring, and CBD isolate. You will also need a syringe, an empty 30ml bottle, and a scale. To start you will measure out 15ml of Propylene Glycol and transfer it to the empty bottle. Then you will weigh out .5G of CBD isolate and add it to the bottle. Place the cap on the bottle and shake vigorously until the isolate is completely dissolved. Next, add 12ml of vegetable glycerin and 3ml of flavor to the isolate mixture. Now transfer the liquid into the vape tank and you are good to go. Any remaining liquid can be stored in the bottle in a cool, dry, place. You can also play around with the flavor/isolate to carrier oil ratio until you reach your desired result, you may prefer more CBD, stronger flavor, or all of the above.

How do I measure CBD isolate?

A simple kitchen scale is probably one of the easiest ways to measure out CBD isolate, this is because the weight of the crystals or powder in milligrams is the equivalent of the CBD content (in mg). For example: if you put a scoop of CBD isolate on the scale and it says 5mg you know that is the amount of CBD in that does.

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